Inspiring Quotes from Michael Ibeh

"You dare not to fail." 10 failure management quotes that will uplift your soul.

1: In life, you just have to accept failures with courage, knowing that they came to teach you how to succeed for the rest of your life.

2: The greatest failure in life is the fall of what makes a man immaterially.

3. Everyone is bound to fail at something. Even today's most successful people have experienced what seems like a failure but have decided to take a different decision and move one more step forward.

4: Our ability to fight our secret weaknesses multiplies the conquering strength within us, leaving no room for fear and failure.

5: Courage is costlier than strength, for it takes courage to stand firm unto the end when all the strength has failed along the way.

6: No matter how we see it, failures in life are very painful, but not as painful as failing without trying again or never trying anything new.

7: Courage is born out of a definite vision as the only ability to stand against all odds with definite purpose

8: I have failed a thousand times in different areas of life. That’s why I have learned to succeed enough.

9: When you give up, you have failed more than when you started, but when you keep failing and trying again, you’re building!

10: One of the fundamental laws of success is that we must begin to see the positive in every negative aspect of life - because success is in failing.

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