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I design and develop the following types of websites…

  • Company | Business Websites
  • Real estate | Property | Construction Websites
  • Personal | Portfolio | CV Websites
  • Church | NGO | Charity Websites
  • Blogs | Events | Wedding | Travelling Websites
  • Ecommerce | Online Shopping Websites

Definitely Yes! We’re an experienced and highly skilled professionals working proactively to deliver your projects on time, with competence.

Important question! We can meet with you physically to discuss about the services you want us to help you with. And as well, work with you anywhere you are in your country.

Ever heard of the phrase “Distance is not a barrier”? Well, that is 101% true with our services.

It is dependent of the type of services we’re embarking on, However to design and develop a professional website that will suit you, it will take 5 working days to weeks depending on the web type and its features.

If you don’t have content [Write-ups, pictures, or complete information] for your website project, It is part of our Top-notch services to provide these contents for you with little additional payment.

Yes, We accept 60 percent initial deposit and the balance at the completion of the project.

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Working days | Hours

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Saturday Available
Monday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tues Day 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Other Services I Provides.

I Offer a Wide Range Of Top Notch Services Such as…

I design professional media graphics such as:
Flyers. Posters. Digital Display. Logos. Brochures. Business Cards. Mock-ups. Album or Book Covers. social media graphics. Banners. CV. Certificate etc.


My non-fiction writing expertise takes care of creating highly convertible content for business clients in the following niche:
Personal development. Sales and marketing. Productivity. Goal Setting. Business/career Start-up. Industrial revolution. Business Insights, Business proposal, and planning.


I help people to leverage on their basic skills through the power of technology by training them to acquire digital marketable skills Such as…

  • Web design and development Using, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, and modern Frontend Development CMS/Frameworks
  • Graphics Designing Such as Flyers. Posters. Digital Display. Logos. Brochures. Business Cards. Mock-ups. Album or Book Covers. Social Media graphics. Banners. CV. Certificate etc.
  • Content Writing such as writing and self-publishing great Ebooks, articles/blog posts.
  • 3D Animation and Video Editing.


Services FAQs

 I provide top-notch digital training for anyone seeking to learn any “marketable skills” such as
💫World-class website design and development (with WordPress CMS, and any front-end technologies)

Professionally, you will learn how to design and develop any type of website in any industry.

💫Professional Media Graphics Designing Training Such as Flyers. Posters. Digital Display. Logos. Brochures. Business Cards. Mock-ups. Album or Book Covers. Social Media graphics. Banners. CV. Certificate etc.

💫Content Writing Training such as writing content for organizations and Self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct.


The training is done onsite or remotely.

Meaning that you can learn with us physically at our training Location

Or you learn online through our well-curated video courses, e-books, and other training resources.


There are so many “skills” that have become obsolete in our fast-changing world today, therefore, the skills you will learn are the most sought-after in any industry out there. That is why we call them “Digital Marketable Skills” Because they are in high demand once you know how to implement them.


At the end of each training session, you’ll be given a platform to implement what you’ve learned throughout the training phase and then have your professional digital certificate that will help you get jobs from clients, companies or organisations of your choice.


Physical (onsite) training is a one month intensive training, implementation, challenge sessions, and interactive quizzes, questions and answers so that everyone will be carried along, even if it is your first time of getting into tech.

Online (remote) training is a two months of professional training with an extra one month of free technical support, should you encounter any challenges while implementing what you’ve learned.


Physical training comes with the following
•1 month of intensive training.
•1 month of free technical support. (Done remotely)
•Conducive learning environment with free Wi-Fi for internet access
•Digital Certificate
•Price = 35,000 naira

Online training comes with the following
•2 months of intensive training with a well detailed videos, ebooks and other training resources.
•1 month of free technical support
•Digital certificate
•Price = 20,000 naira


The training requires the following.

•A sound Laptop or desktop computer with not less than 8gb RAM, 300 ROM, Core i5, and a sound internet accessibility

•A smartphone with enough memory space to accommodate the digital resources needed for the training.

Note: you can participate in the training effectively with either Laptop, Desktop computer, or Smartphone.


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